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Second Nature | 1940's and Beyond

Unique historic footage and photographs depict the momentous changes brought to Minnesota during and after WWII. A vivid re-creation brings to life the revolutionary work of a University of Minnesota graduate student. Simple inventions like nylon nets and the introduction of an exotic species bring the fishery of Lake Superior to the brink of collapse.

Reserve Mining Plant, 1962. Photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Society.

Through rarely seen footage, experience the extensive pollution of Lake Superior caused by the disposal of over 60,000 tons of waste a day. Then hear first hand how a group of citizens plays a central role in stopping this pollution.

Packing Lake Superior Lake Trout, June 1936.  Photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Society.

Discover the ways in which our own homes and businesses result in changes in the land as far away as the rainforests of South America. Consider how the stories of Minnesota's past can inform our choices for the future.


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